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Access to the trail is FREE for the Haute-Gaspésie section


Following a path leading you successively in the forest, in the mountains and on the seaside, being able to observe deer, gallinaceous and cetaceans, this is enough to satisfy the appetite of any hiker. Along this route from village to village, no one can escape the charm of Haute-Gaspésie and the legendary welcome of its inhabitants.


Two days are necessary to pass from the Gaspésie national park to the seaside, between the Mont-Jacques-Cartier campsite and Mont-Saint-Pierre, of which the Cabourons refuge is the intermediate stage. Overlooking the glacial valley of the Mont-Saint-Pierre river, its panoramic view lets glimpse the Saint-Laurent river which you will join at the end of the second day of walking. After the municipal campsite of Mont-Saint-Pierre, you will then discover the picturesque village of Mont-Saint-Pierre, internationally recognized by free flight enthusiasts.


Thereafter, from village to village, you will then witness the life and culture of the Gaspé. The path first ascends very aerial Mont Saint-Pierre and descends soon after towards Mont-Louis. It then follows the old Chemin du Roy which is still passable today to join the Anse-Pleureuse. This same path becomes very steep in the direction of Gros-Morne and a path built along the capes allows you to have the St. Lawrence at your feet. Manche-d'Épée is the next stage, a section also characterized by a breathtaking view from the air. Then come Madeleine-Center and Rivière-Madeleine, two villages crossed by the SIA which follows route 132. To reach Grande-Vallée, you must leave the coast and go through the Grand-Saut campsite by following the path which runs along the Madeleine river. . From there, the SIA takes a forest path that also serves as a snowmobile trail. The arrival in Grande-Vallée is by a big descent along the road 132 with its colorful landscapes.

Cellular Network 

Intermittent, increases near villages

You can consult the TELUS coverage map to give you a more visual idea of the cellular network situation, regardless of your service provider.

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