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Access to the trail is FREE to the Cote-de-Gaspe section


Between the sea and the mountains, the trail unrolls its ribbon of landscapes and surprises. Impossible to describe everything; the fauna, flora and geomorphology are too rich and diverse. By browsing the IAT, you will discover how the Gaspésiens live and how they manage their territory: forest roads, cutting beds, rivers where salmon are fished, outfitters offering various services, cultural or historical places, maple groves and fishing harbors are not available. just a few examples of their achievements.

The trail takes you to visit, from village to village, the Gaspé coast. Each agglomeration has its own little story. Each municipality has a soul, a particularity. To you to discover them. For example: Madeleine and its singular steeple; Grande-Vallée and its covered bridge; Petite-Vallée and its song festival; Saint-Yvon which was attacked by a torpedo; Anse-à-Valleau who lived in exile from the Pointe-à-la-Renommée lighthouse. You can also take a detour via Cloridorme and its 15 lakes, Saint-Maurice-de-l'Échourie and its picturesque port and find out in Rivière-au-Renard about the fishermen's revolt of 1909. In all these villages there are information panels to guide you on the IAT and allow you to plan a day's hike. You can also leave your car in each of these villages and explore the IAT for one or more days.

Like everywhere else, on the trail, you can find accommodation, either by taking advantage of the services offered in the villages or even, at intervals of 8 to 15 kilometers, on campsites or refuges equipped with

Follow the IAT markers and signs and travel through the Côte-de-Gaspé: the end of the land, the cradle of Canada. Welcome!

Cellular Network 

Intermittent, increases near villages.

You can consult the TELUS coverage map to give you a more visual idea of the cellular network situation, regardless of your service provider.

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