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Access to the trail is FREE for the Matapedia Valley section


Description of the Matapedia Valley section

Assemetquagan River to Matane River -131.8 km

This route sometimes borrows old forest ranger trails, old moose trails, abandoned forest roads as well as secondary roads in six municipalities. The short or long hiker will discover all the richness and diversity of a forest and agricultural valley. Country of rivers, the Valley is recognized for its salmon, its beautiful forests and its green fields. The hiker who likes to hear the sound of water and wind and who loves to observe the signs of the presence of Quebec fauna and flora will be able to live an unforgettable experience.


In the Vallée-de-la-Matapédia, long-term hikers will therefore be able to get their supplies in several municipalities located along the trail. Several access points near Route 132 allow walkers who wish to do a short hike to easily reach the trail. The main municipalities crossed are Sainte-Marguerite, Causapscal, Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs, Lac-au-Saumon, Amqui and Saint-Vianney. This route from village to village allows you to discover the famous Chute à Philomène in Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs, to observe the salmon at the Causapscal river falls and at the Marais site, to cross two magnificent covered bridges in the municipality of 'Amqui, to walk in the regional park of the Seigneurie du lac Matapédia and to be very close to the high wind turbines of Sainte-Marguerite. The trail therefore combines the Matapedian culture and its rural environment with the experience of outdoor wilderness. The hiker benefits from a refuge at the Creux stream 15 km from Sainte-Marguerite as well as 8 shelters in campsites or municipal parks (except the shelters Les 3 Sœurs, L'érablière and Les Chutes which are located in the forest ). It is therefore possible to do this section without the weight of a tent.

Cellular network

Maybe a few places between Ruisseau Creux refuge and St-Marguerite. Not great in St-Marguerite. Thereafter, it is not bad until Amqui according to the telephone company.

You can consult 
the TELUS coverage map   to give you a more visual idea of the cellular network situation, regardless of your service provider.

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