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We have created, for those who wish to make short planned hikes, sheets on which different routes are suggested to you. There are a multitude of day hiking possibilities on the international Appalachian Trail - Quebec. Here, put at your disposal, the great favorites of SIA-QC: routes specially designed to be simple, accessible, pleasant, but above all memorable. You will certainly find a hike that will offer you the experience you are looking for, both in terms of the difficulty and the landscapes that you will encounter there.

Eventually, new hikes will be listed to offer you a greater choice.

* Although the paths to the Trail appear on topographic maps, we cannot in any way guarantee that they are all passable. In addition, these roads are not the responsibility of SIA-Qc. Please inquire with the local population or with the SIA manager for the section you want to walk before venturing there or plan to venture there.


HAUTE-GASPÉSIE -2 DAYS, 1 NIGHTS - From Parc de la Gaspésie to Mont-Saint-Pierre, feel the heartbeat of the IAT

MATANE WILDLIFE RESERVE - 1 DAY - An impressive mountain, a wild environment, a wonder of Quebec, to discover absolutely !!!!

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