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Access to the trail is FREE for the section  Avignon

Description of The section of Avignon

The Avignon section offers the possibility of getaways of a few hours or expeditions with nights in refuges. Matapédia, "where the rivers meet" in the Micmac language opens the door to the SIA in Quebec.


According to the first "Thru-Hikers" from the south, Matapédia will prove to be a "Trail Town" of choice. This small town offers the necessary services to walkers in a setting of rivers and mountains. This section marks the transition between the fir forest in the center of the peninsula and the sugar bushes on the slopes of the Restigouche. The Trail offers a variety of landscapes, forest ecosystems, deep valleys and mountainside viewpoints. 

Overlooking the village of Matapédia, the "cap of the two rivers" offers both an astonishing view of the meeting of the rivers and a vision of the rocky heart of the Appalachians.


The crossing of the Saint-André sector to Sainte-Marguerite, in the Valley presents a sometimes technical and advanced level of hiking, but also magnificent landscapes steeped in legends. In Saint-André, you can sleep in a refuge or in a campsite. .


Towards Clark North Canyon, a refuge built on the mountainside, the Corbeau refuge, allows you to enjoy magnificent sunsets over the valley. Continuing, we cross a mountain massif sheltering moose, we descend into a lush and impressive canyon and we follow the foothills of the Assemetquagan River where salmon bask on a quartz background that reflects the light. Pete's camp is there.

SIA_QC début Avignon Matapédia
Refuge du Corbeau

Cellular network

The cellular network is good most of the time between Matapédia and Corbeau. After that, nothing works until you get close to Causapscal. Maybe a few places between Ruisseau Creux refuge and St-Marguerite. He is not famous in Ste-Marguerite.


You can consult  the TELUS coverage map   to give you a more visual idea of the cellular network situation, regardless of your service provider.

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