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A la carte overnight stays are aimed at experienced hikers of all levels who want to plan a long hike on their terms.


You are of course invited to visit and study the resources contained under the “Plan” tab of this website, as it is full of the tools and information necessary for the proper planning of your hike. So, once again, don't hesitate to explore it. It contains in particular the cartography of all the sections and very useful distance tables.

Each of the 7 sections of the International Appalachian Trail - Quebec GR A1 has its own wonders and it's up to you to discover them! To help you imagine each of them, you can  


So, before you let your heart decide where your next adventure will take place, know that, for all sections, each of the campsites includes a maximum of one day of hiking before the next and includes at least one shelter and a platform.


You are therefore assured that, when evening comes, you will have your place on a platform, in a shelter or in a refuge and will thus be able to offer yourself the most restorative sleep; A sleep rocked by  the true silence of the night. 

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