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The 2 to 5 days Circuits are aimed at beginner or higher level hikers.


For great hikers of all levels, the 2 to 5 day circuits represent the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries effectively in the forest without having to take 1 month of vacation to achieve this!


For beginners, having their first experience of long hiking in the context of a short stay on the Trail is in itself the perfect opportunity to discover more about their own needs as a great hiker (weight of the backpack, useful equipment or unnecessary, efficiency and comfort of boots or shoes, adequate sleeping bag, food needs, etc.).

These circuits have also been designed so that their beginning and end are accessible via an access road, thus facilitating the coordination of your arrival and departure transport.

Finally, always with a view to facilitating the logistics required for your stay on the Trail, the following services can be easily combined with your circuit when it is booked: luggage transport, supply transport and person shuttle.

Le Refuge du Corbeau

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