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Planner SIA Quebec

Our agents are very busy during the summer season. In order to answer your questions as efficiently as possible, we have created The SIA-QC Planner . It is a toolbox for organizing your stay on the trail. Here you will find all the tools necessary for planning your hike, whether for 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month !!



View the calendar to find out the status of the trail sections.

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Les Sections.jpg
Tableau des distances.jpg

Download in PDF, or order your own.

Matapedia Valley, Matane Reserve, Parc de la Gaspésie, Haute-Gaspésie, Gaspé, Forillon.

Plan your nights with the downloadable distance tables.


Plan the transportation of your car or offer yourself a reduced stay in certain sections.


Plan the transportation of your car or offer yourself a reduced stay in certain sections.


Platforms, shelters and shelters, reserve your place or opt for a more flexible option.


Including 911 Tag Numbers. Download

Complete guide


SIA-QC Long Hike Guide: The Companion Download HERE for free

Buy the paper version HERE

New hiking tools

Hiking tools developed by Mr. Michel Auger:
-Detailed topographic maps by section. They also make it possible to know the origin of the toponym of the places encountered, to learn about the fauna, flora, geology and history of the region.
-Additional documents on the trail, fauna, flora and geology to deepen certain aspects.
-Two Excel files allowing long hike planning.
-A Google Earth file allowing you to fly over the trail in 3D and discover sectors and viewpoints inaccessible by hiking.

Last updated in 2021

Available here:



Updated daily, gives the level of risk for forest fires.

The SIA-QC emergency plan, Safety advice. Emergency Response Plan for the Matane Wildlife Reserve.


Be careful and suspend your supplies.

Let a professional take care of your experience.


and meal

Coming soon

Meals and water

Here are our recommendations for organizing your meals. Is the water safe to drink and where can we schedule it to be refilled?


What should I bring? Weight versus comfort, a difficult choice.

Calculation of calories

How many kilojoules will I have to spend? Have I planned enough food?


Coming soon

Coming soon

Interpretation, activities, ETC.

There are a multitude of day hike options on the International Appalachian Trail.

Route, walking pace, experience needed, how to go about it?

Winter hiking

The trail was not developed and marked for the winter and is officially closed during this time of year, but ...

Learn all about the flora and fauna you may encounter during your adventures on the trail.

Ethics, environment and trace-free

Important information to know in order to minimize your impact on the environment.

Coming soon

Coming soon

The SIA will be the magic moment of your trip, but don't forget the good humor of the Gaspé people.

Coming soon

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