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Joelette to go


Cost of use

The use of the joëlette is free . However, we encourage beneficiaries to make a voluntary donation . If applicable, a charitable donation receipt for tax return purposes will be issued.


A deposit of $ 500 will be pre-authorized before the joëlette is loaned.


The joëlette is a means of transport that makes the natural and wild environment more accessible to people with reduced mobility. That said, its effectiveness is not foolproof. Thus, even if the joëlette has an engine, it is important to be and to feel in good physical shape to be one of the two individuals who transport the person with reduced mobility. It is also recommended to be at least five people including the person with reduced mobility for the activity . In this way, the other four people will be able to take over the task of transporter.

Realistic itineraries are suggested to you in order to promote a satisfying experience for all .

The sections of trails towards Lac Tombereau and Lac Matane have height differences that are ideal for the use of the joëlette.


It is also possible to reserve SIA employees for the role of transporters. A rate of $ 200 per half-day will be granted  depending on the chosen elevation .

Transport of the joëlette

Although the joëlette is retractable, it is preferable to leave it in the mounted position when transporting it in a vehicle since it is difficult to retract or open. If you are traveling with a sedan-sized car or too small a car, the joëlette may not be able to enter it.


In this sense, we offer a service for moving the joëlette at a cost of $ 100 + taxes.


It is essential that training in the use of the joëlette be given to users in order to prevent injuries and breakage.


An inspection with photos and in the presence of the responsible user must systematically be carried out before and after the loan of the joëlette.


To reserve the joëlette, call SIA customer service at (418) 560-4642 or write to

How it works to borrow the SIA joelette

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